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Double bed for show, fantasy bed for play

The bedS & More 'Fantasy Bed' is a metal double bed frame that enables you to experience a whole world of bedroom fun without anyone else knowing!

For most of the time it’ll look like a great contemporary double bed and only you and your partner will know that in a matter of minutes you can transform your bedroom into a complete fantasy world. The only limit is your imagination!

The bedS & More 'Fantasy Bed' is a unique modern metal bed frame which is available in 6 designs: two white beds, three black beds and one silver bed. It is very discreet and will look like a great conventional double bed until you want to play!

A Double Bed that Changes to Multiple Positions

In a few minutes the bed can be configured into many different arrangements by changing adjustable parts and removable sections.

Sections of the bed are adjustable for more alternatives and don’t forget the old fashioned pillory! It's easy to use any of the available accessories we provide. Included with the 'Fantasy Bed' you’ll get cuffs for ankles, wrists and thighs; chains that fix to multiple positions and a swing.

Four Poster For Play

You can quickly and easily convert the 'Fantasy Bed' into a four poster bed for more fun. Just extend the four corner posts and lock into position at the desired height, slot in the top rails, add the one-piece bed canopy and drapes (not included) and you’ve got a stylish and contemporary four poster bed.

No one will know what else it can do... With the four poster bed in place you have more places to chain your partner and for added momentum you can use the bed swing or sling!

Designed for bedroom pleasure with your discretion in mind

We want you to have as much fun as possible and that’s why we’ve designed this bed for you to use as and when you want to, without the need for extra beds or additional rooms.

We’ve even thought of storage space too! The four top sections of the four poster bed are easily stored away under the bed on specially designed brackets.

We don’t want everyone to know what we get up to

...and that’s why we’ve designed this bed to be the ultimate in discretion. When you’re not using the bed features it is a practical, stylish piece of furniture in your home.

We’ve found who we think are the best designers and manufacturers in the UK to build the 'Fantasy Bed' so that we can make sure you get a high quality hand crafted bed. Only you will know what you can turn it into.

The bedS & More 'Fantasy Bed' is assembled quickly and easily. Only two tools are required, which are provided.

We’ll deliver your bed direct from our warehouse to your door and we’ll call you when it’s due to arrive to make sure you’re in. If you wish, our delivery company will take it up to your bedroom.

With each purchase of our 'Fantasy Bed' we provide a DVD showing how to assemble it and demonstrating some of the basic configurations of the bed and the accessories. The rest is up to you!

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Introducing the most discreet and versatile fantasy bed:
  • Bed transforms in to multiple positions quickly and easily
  • Contemporary and stylish design
  • Stylish as a four poster double bed with our designer canopy
  • So much more for the same price as other quality double beds
  • Designed and built in the UK at a price you can afford
  • Available in six great designs
  • A great night’s sleep
The ultimate discreet adult bed
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